Cultilux 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lamp, 3000K or 4000K, 1 Year Warranty, Full Spectrum, UV Advanced

by Global Lumen

Full Spectrum Light: These lamps replicate natural sunlight better than any other lighting technology on the market. Plants flourish when they receive a full range of sunlight wavelength & rays. This allows for the lamp to be used for the vegetative and flowering stages of the growth cycle. • The Cultilux lamps are proven to increase the quality of your plants due to their spectrum and significant UV production. • Longer Life-span than traditional HID lamps: 20,000hrs+ • High efficiency: Equivalent to 600w HPS/MH • 90 CRI @ 3000K, 98CRI @ 4000K • WARNING! We do not recommend dimming the lamp lower or higher than 315w. The Lamp will not perform as specified and could damage the lamp or ballast.