Cultilux - 630W Grow Light fixture w/ Ceramic Metal Halide grow lamp, 3000K or 4000K. Full spectrum, UV advanced, 120/240V, CMH, CDM, 3 Year fixture Warranty!

by Global Lumen

The Cultilux 630W CMH light fixture is an advanced horticulture fixture with user-friendly customizable features and high quality components. Each fixture will include two Cultilux 3000K or 4000K PGZX18 315W CMH Lamp or you can choose to include both color temperatures which we recommend. The Cultilux 630W Fixture combined with two Cultilux 315W CMH lamp has proven to be a top tier grow light in the market. These fixtures were designed to accommodate gardens of all shapes and sizes. • Vega embossed aluminum reflector allows for maximum reflectivity. 98% • On-Off Switch on the fixture • Low Heat Production: These fixtures run very cool compared to traditional HID lamps and fixtures. These fixtures will allow you to monitor & regulate your rooms temperature with ease. • Full Spectrum Light: These lamps replicate natural sunlight better than any other lighting technology on the market. Plants flourish when they receive a full range of sunlight wavelength & rays. This allows for the lamp to be used for the vegetative and flowering stages of the growth cycle. • The Cultilux lamps are proven to increase the quality of your plants due to their spectrum and significant UV production. • Longer Life-span than traditional HID lamps: 20,000hrs+ • Increase Lumen Output: 125lm/w • High efficiency: Equivalent to 600w • 90 CRI @ 3000K, 98CRI @ 4000K • PPF: 3000K = 578 umol/s & 4000K = 540 umol/s • WARNING! We do not recommend dimming the lamp lower or higher than 630W. The Lamp will not perform as specified and could damage the lamp or ballast. • Extra Long 10ft power cord. • ETL-Listed • 3 Year Warranty